Website Development

Using HTML, CSS & JS, I utilise modern techniques, choosing the right tool for the job to deliver the best user experience. I am familiar with I'm experienced in using many different web building technologies from page builders such as Webflow, Framer, and Squarespace, through to building websites completely from scratch with Wordpress & Javascript

HTML, CSS and Javascript

I build websites that follow best practices. All my builds utilise the three base languages, HTML, CSS and Javascript, to deliver rock-solid websites that perform flawlessly and work beautifully across devices. Wherever possible, I use modern techniques such as CSS Grid, Flex Layout, and CSS blurs with progressive enhancement to ensure websites work on older browsers, too!


Websites are hand-crafted, ensuring your website is lightweight and maintainable, with no bloat. We can utilise the appropriate technology for what you're looking to do.

I have years of experience crafting bespoke user journeys, integrating with third-party APIs and working closely to utilise the best products and platforms to make a difference for users.


All my builds are run through manual and automated testing to ensure websites are easy to browse for all types of users; this includes ensuring everything is readable via screen readers and websites are browseable via the keyboard. It's these details that result in a high-quality experience for all users!


When working with me, you'll have the peace of mind that you'll be working with someone who knows how SEO works. I build optimised websites to encourage higher rankings and even making sure they utilise things like Rich-Snippet Schema to enhance your website within the search engine.


I build bespoke websites, which means your website is lightning fast. All my builds run through automated performance testing to utilise the latest techniques to deliver user performance - this means your website will load quicker than your competition, which Google considers with search results.

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I'm experienced in using many different web development platforms and Javascript frameworks. If you're in need of a freelance web developer or have an exciting opportunity or partnership to discuss, please get in touch below.

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UK Paintball League

Designing and developing a refreshed website for the UK Paintball League platform. The aims of the new website design to give an energised professional feel to capture the fast paced nature of the sport. The new site showcases the years league results along with team and player information.

Formula Zoom

For the Zoom and Formula One product activation launch in 2022. I repurposed a HTML Scalextric game for Zoom employees to sign in, complete online and post their score to the leaderboard to win prizes.