Website Design

As a freelance web designer in Bristol, I focus on the details of design that make the difference. I believe in good typography, scale, hierarchy and fluid design that works beautifully across devices without sacrificing usability or performance.

Experienced Freelance Web Designer

I have experience working on many projects, from one-page websites to large-design systems. I've worked as a freelancer for small companies and larger SMEs. I offer a service that's been refined over the years to become efficient and high-quality and guarantees delivery on time and within budget.

Mobile-First Web Design

With mobile often dominating user statistics, websites have to work as well on mobiles as on desktops. When working with me, you'll get a process that focuses on mobile design from the core to ensure good usability, performance and practice to deliver the highest quality user experiences.

Fluid Web Design

The web is a fluid canvas. We use devices such as iPhones, Android, iPads and large-size desktop screens. We often design within software such as Figma or Sketch, but these provide a static width canvas, opposite to the web's nature. Of course, designs can often have several breakpoints with previews, but there are so many different device sizes and scales that the design needs to become 'fluid'.

I have years of experience as a freelance web designer delivering fluid designs that work beautifully across devices, so you're in safe hands!

Full-Stack Service

I can offer a wide range of services across the web design spectrum. I have years of experience working in both design and development, which gives me the knowledge to understand the context behind the design, ensuring sound web principles are adhered to, and designing with performance, accessibility and usability in mind.

I tailor all my services to my client's needs, so if you're looking for a high-quality fluid design system, I can deliver this. I can offer everything you need if you're looking for a design and development service. You have to deal with one person - me!

Project Management

Before becoming a developer. I worked as a digital project manager for many years. I have worked on small website builds to large scale complex agile development projects. I generally love being orgnaised and I am a day hand at setting up software such as Notion, Tellow, Jira to name a few.

Get in touch about your website design project

I'm experienced in using many different web design platform including Figma and XD. I also love to design and build directly with platforms such as Webflow & Framer. If you're in need of a freelance web designer or have an exciting opportunity or partnership to discuss, please get in touch below.

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Anchor Counselling

Anchor Counselling is a brand new counselling service based in Salisbury UK. The objective was to design and develop a website that extends a warm invitation, and fosters a welcoming feeling, helping to embody the core values of Anchor Counselling, safety, stability & support.

UK Paintball League

Designing and developing a refreshed website for the UK Paintball League platform. The aims of the new website design to give an energised professional feel to capture the fast paced nature of the sport. The new site showcases the years league results along with team and player information.