Project Management

Before becoming a developer. I worked as a digital project manager for many years. I have worked on small website builds to large scale complex agile development projects. I generally love being organised, particularly understanding different processes and setting up software such as Notion, Tello, Jira to name a few.

Digital Project Management

Understanding good digital project management practices is vital for any major web development project. I find the more we delve into the detials at the start. The better the outcome of the project. I am a very organised individual and I love to organise the projects as much as developing. But it helps to have both skill sets.


In my opinion Notion is by far the best project management system out there. Notion is truly customisable and as such can be tailored to suit any organisation or project requirement. I have set up multiple Notion platforms for Agencies and Projects. I would be happy to take that extra step and help your team get organised.

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As head of product at Tickets For Good. I oversee the development of the ticketing platform. Tickets For Good is a gated marketplace that helps promote the cultural events across the UK.